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This is the second installment of my fan fiction series. The first installment, For Love and Glory was a lot of fun to write. I hope that this one will be as much fun, and that you all will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! Cheers!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter Six

It was a warm, July evening as Diana sat on their private deck overlooking the water in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They Penguins had been fighting hard in the playoffs, but had lost the third round to the Vancouver Canucks. She was recovered from her accident months before and felt great. Of course, there had been times when she was tired and in pain. It had been a long journey. She looked up from her book, as Sid walked out to join her. He was wearing shorts and no t-shirt, his bare chest strong and starting to tan.

Smiling she set down her book on the table beside her and beckoned for her husband to come to her. Diana felt as though she had neglected him over the last few months. They hadn't made love since before her accident, and she felt guilty. Sid sat on the edge of her chair and kissed her.

"Hey beautiful. Enjoying the weather?" Sid asked, placing his hand on her knee.

"Yes I am. For once it's not raining." Diana laughed. Sid turned and looked out over the water. It was beautiful and still. There didn't seem to be a single soul around, except for him and his wife. Turning back to Diana, he smiled mischievously. Cocking an eyebrow, she looked at him with curiosity.

"What are you thinking about my love?" She asked, a hint of teasing in her voice.

Again Sid smiled, his hand slowly crawling up her leg, as he slid closer to her. Diana sat up and swung her legs over the side of the chair. Once he was sitting close enough their shoulders were touching, he reached behind her head to cup her neck and pulled her into a heated passionate kiss. She groaned against his lips and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer to her. As they kissed, his hand slid down to undo the strings on her bikini bottoms. The bottoms slid off her effortlessly, as Sid picked her up and laid her down on the towel laying on the floor of the deck. Diana moaned and arched her body against him as his hand caressed her body, his fingers grazing the scars from her surgery.

At the touch of his finger on her scars, Diana froze. Sid looked down at her questioningly. "Baby, what's the matter?"

"I...I just feel ugly with those scars." Diana said turning away from his gaze. Sid reached down and took her chin in his fingers. Turning her back to look at him, he smiled and kissed her lips.

"Baby, you know you aren't ugly. Tu es belle!" Sid slowly began kissing her again as he took her bikini top off. His hands softly caressing her skin. His lips moved down her neck, then her chest. His tongue playing with her nipples as he kissed her breasts. She groaned at his touch, her body writhing against him. When he reached her scars, Sid kissed each one individually making sure to take extra time with them. He wanted his wife to know she was beautiful no matter what. 

As his mouth hungrily found hers, their tongues dancing together with passion, Diana reached down and yanked off his shorts, revealing his erect cock. Sid moaned  against her lips as she took him in her hand and began to caress him gently. Diana then wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down on her. Arching her hips upward, she coaxed him inside her. They both groaned as his cock slid into her nest. 'God it feels so damn good to be inside her again!" Sid thought to himself as he thrust gently. 

Diana clung to him, her legs coming up to wrap around his waist as he made love to her. "God Sid! I missed this! You feel so good!" She moaned, pulling him tightly against her. Sidney pulled out and sat back on his knees, pulling Diana on top of him. As she straddled him, he slid back inside her, his arms wrapping around her body and pulling her against him. 

His pace became faster and harder as he thrust deep into her nest, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Her nails dug into his skin as she clung to him. Their tongues and bodies intertwining together in ecstasy. "Oh Diana! God this feels damn good! Fuck!" Sidney Cried out, slamming his cock deep into her nest, her juices spilling down his shaft and onto his legs. Diana was cumming over and over again, her cries of pleasure getting louder and echoing through the bay. 

Suddenly, Sidney cried out one last time, as his orgasm exploded inside her. He clung tightly to her body as she squeezed her vaginal muscles against his cock, sending sparks of pleasure through his body. He quivered at the feeling, his mouth once again devouring hers in hunger. Then they both collapsed on the deck, exhausted. Their breath staggered and hearts beating furiously in their chests. 

An hour later, Diana came out of the kitchen to see Sid laying on the floor throwing Acelin up in the air and catching him as he came down. Acelin was laughing and squealing at his daddy. Diana smiled and sat on the arm of the chair, content to watch her boys playing.  Sid was an incredible father, always making time to play with his son. The older Acelin got, the more he looked like Sidney. 'God he looks more and more like his father every day.' Diana thought to herself. 

Sidney looked over at her and smiled. "Hey baby girl. What'cha up to?"

"Just watching my two favorite men." Diana replied smiling. Acelin looked over at his mother, a smile spread across his sweet little face. "Mama up!" He said, reaching his arms out for her. Diana laughed and scooped him up into her arms kissing his cheek. 

"You are so darn cute! How did you get so cute?" She said, playfully tickling his neck. 

Acelin squealed and laughed trying to avoid her tickling. "Are you going to Papa and Nana's tonight? Huh bubbie?" Diana said, sitting on the couch with Acelin on her lap. 

"Nana! Nana, cookies!" Acelin screeched as his parents laughed. Just then the doorbell rang. 

"It's probably dad." Sid commented as he headed to the front door. Sure enough, Troy Crosby stood on the front step waiting for Sid to let him in. 

"Hi son. How are you today?" Troy said, as Sid shut the door behind him. The two men walked into the living room, Diana standing up to greet her father-in-law. 

" I'm good dad." 

"Hi Dad, someone's really excited to go see you and Nana tonight." Diana smiled as Acelin reached out for his grandfather. Troy grinned and took the boy into his arms.

"Well hello little guy. You're sure excited to see me." 

They all laughed as Acelin bounced in his grandpa's arms and shouted "Papa, COOKIES!!"

After Troy had left with Acelin, Sid gathered his wife in his arms. "Well now, what ever are we going to do with ourselves?" He grinned, and patted Diana's ass playfully.

His wife smiled and kissed the tip of his nose. "I have a few ideas." She said slyly. Taking Sid's hand she led him toward the bedroom. Once there, she yanked off his shirt and shorts, leaving him naked. Diana stood there for a moment admiring her sexy husband. Then she stripped slowly and sensually in front of him, giving him a good little show. Sidney licked his lips as he watched his wife's strip tease. 

Sensuously, Diana walked toward him, her finger tracing down his body as she slowly sauntered past him toward the bed. She crawled slowly on her hands and knees onto the bed, her eyes never leaving Sid. Once again he licked his lips, as she growled and made a biting gesture with her teeth. "You want me tiger?" She growled roughly. 

"Oh God baby yes!" Sid moaned, stepping toward her. He stood at the edge of the bed looking down at her. 

"Then take me. Ravage me, I'm yours to do what you please!" She hissed, smiling. 

Grabbing her roughly by the back of the neck, Sid spun her around so she faced the wall. Diana was still on her knees, but now she was kneeling at the edge of the bed, her ass level with his pelvic area. Sid placed one hand on her shoulder, while wrapping her hair around his other hand. Suddenly he slammed his cock deep inside her roughly. Diana cried out with surprise, "God Damn! Oh ya Sidney Fuck me hard and rough baby!" 

Gritting his teeth, Sidney fucked her violently, her body rocking back and forth with the force. His cock hammered inside her like a jackhammer on concrete. Diana's cries were loud and filled with ecstasy. "Jesus Fucking Christ!" Sid growled loudly, his teeth still gritted tightly together. He moved his hands to her hips, thrusting harder and harder. Diana gripped the bedspread tightly, his cock fucking her so hard, it felt as though he might rip her in half. 

"GOD YES!! OH FUCK SID!! FUCK ME!!" She cried out again. "Cum inside me baby! Cum for me!!!"

His breath heavy and scattered, Sidney grunted loudly again, thrusting his cock as deep as he could inside her nest as his seed exploded, filling her. "OH GOD!!!" He cried out, his legs starting to go numb. He slumped down onto the bed next to his wife, trying to catch his breath. His body was was shimmering with sweat, as he turned to look at Diana. 

Diana laid down next to her husband and took his face in her hands. "Wow! You're incredible my love. Je t'aime Sidney!" She said kissing his mouth. 

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